This is by no means a complete list of those who presented programmes on Radio Fairfield during its 18 years on the air. We'd love to know what happened to them, or any people that we've missed from the list. If you have any information, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.
Mike Swan
Paul Hayes
John Little (Jolit)
Anne Woolhead
Paul Marment
Bob Haynes
Phil Ross
Alan Osborn (Deceased)
Jeannie Starr
Gary Lee
Nick Angove
Neil Whiteside
Stuart Farey (aka Carl Stuart)
Paul Barham
Paul Northover
Richard Osborn
David Croft
Julian Edwards
Mike Hemmings
Richard Savage (Swage)
Geoff Cook
Ros Young
Tim Prodger
Chris Cording (Deceased)
Tony Mac
Nigel Thompson
Cliff Sutcliffe (Deceased)
Derrick Carruthers (Derrick C)
Ben Cree
Steve Edwards
Dave Hutchings
Paul Graham (aka Simon West)
Martin Kennedy
Peter Rees
Steve Gordon
Nigel Hughes (Deceased)
Dave Jenkins
Ian Barker
Nigel English
Colin Rope (Deceased)
Steve Walker
Scott Clarke
Andrea Kuhn
Jonny Trett
Frank Hubert
Carol Watts
Mike Acaster
Tom Jackson
Fiona Boffin