Thanks to the article that appeared in the Comet newspaper a lot of the old presenters have been in touch. Here's what they've had to say (The dates in brackets are the years they were at the station as far as we know):
Anne Woolhead (1980 - 1983): "Hi Neil, What a lovely blast from the past. I joined round about 1980 I think. I am trying to think of the names of my fellow DJs. Bob, who was our insurance man, Julian, and that is all I can remember. When I read the article myself maybe more names have been mentioned. It was a wonderful time, I so enjoyed it, my theme tune was 'Annie's song' by Elton John.  I did not drive in those days and used to shoot around on my little red Honda moped. Wish I had kept it!  Oh, Jeff, another name has come to me.   It was the days of the yearly carnival and we had a float which we all piled on to and went around Letchworth and Hitchin. My daughter came too. She was about 15 at the time and admired one of the Djs. Those were the days! Another abiding memory -  on Christmas day we did a show for the patients where they chose their favourite songs. Us Dj's chose our favourite songs too. Mine was Merry Christmas by Slade and as I announced it, I forgot the title, and called out in anguish, 'I've forgotten the title' and there was a chorus of male voices shouting 'try Merry Christmas' We always had such a laugh. I had never done anthing like this before, and I often think about those days.   I was really sad when they closed the hospital and built all the houses. Admittedly it is attractive, Tracey my daughter has joined the gym it is really up market and I can go in as a guest"
Geoff Cook (1980 - 1990): "Hi Neil, Thought you may like a couple of sample playlists from my Radiothon Stint in 1988. The following were played from 1300-1400 on Dec 27th 1988! Love In The First Degree -Bananarama; I'll Always Love You -Taylor Dayne; Reckless - UB40; Lovely Day - Bill Withers; She's So Beautiful - Cliff Richard; Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi; Rock Me Amadeus - Falco; Nobody Loves Me Like You - Whitney Houston (featured); Float On (12incher) - The Floaters; How Many Lies - Spandau Ballet; Piano In The Dark - Brenda Russell; Sweet Love - Anita Baker Regards Geoff"
Richard Osborn (1990-1991): "Hi Neil - I have just been passed the article from the Comet by my parents as I now live in Wolverhampton. I was one of the last presenters on Radio Fairfield. I was a friend of Paul Barham (we used to work together) and he got me started on it. I also remember David Croft was one of the other presenters who now is a sports reporter on Radio Five and is the BBC's Formula 1 Commentator (you can find his details on the Radio Five website) but apart from that I haven't got any photos etc but at least that's a couple of names to add to the list. Best Regards Richard"
Nick Angove (1985 - 1991): "Hi Neil, Looking and listening to some of that stuff today, made me think what great fun we had. I wonder where Sister Margaret is? She must have passed on to the great "Voluntary Services" in the sky .I shall have a dig about in my loft I am sure it will throw up some goodies I am pretty sure it wasn't long ago I found a Radio Fairfield T Shirt - a little faded but so are some of the faces and good times we had in and around those lofty spires!"
Alan Osborn (1984 - 1990): "Hi Neil, Just heard about the web site on the talking newspaper read from the Comet.Yes I too am on the net as you remember I am blind but using a talking computer. Life is great at the moment, since taking the redundancy from the bank in 1991 I have been busy doing charity work with my musical skills and recording friends and friends of friends with their music. One young lady who came my way has made 3 TV appearances on the TV talent shows and at the point of giving up she now looks like she could make it. I have now formed a duo with a friend of mine Liz who lives in Wymondham and we are having fun. Jeannie Starr is still around and don't forget she did some shows on Fairfield so perhaps you could add her to the list as she will be upset if she is not on the list. She doesn't have a computer but still comes over here. Another thing I am now involved in is playing the theatre organ at a steam museum during the summer I have some pictures I can send if you would like to see them. Best wishes Alan Osborn"
Cliff Sutcliffe (1976 - 1991) Cliff's son Ian writes: "Hi Neil Just reading the Comet and found the picture and story of Radio Fairfield. This was of great interest to me as my father Cliff Sutcliffe was a volunteer DJ during the 1980's. Unfortunately he died in 1993 but I can always remember him telling me about his times there. He was very much into the old time music, Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller and many big bands. He used to tape a lot of his sessions and send these to my Uncle (who has also died). He did mention that he would tape a lot of his old records and when he had finished his stint for the day he would put on these tapes which would run until the next presenter came to the studio. Unfortunately I never visited the studio with him but he did take my son to show him around. It is possible we may have some old tapes somewhere. Regards Ian Sutcliffe"
Chris Cording (Early - eighties): "Hello Neil, Well I have to say I was very impressed and ‘touched’ when I found your link (via my son in the UK who spotted it), that someone had actually remembered me from my short period with you in the early 80’s. Goodness me it seems so long ago now – so let’s try and get you up to date. You may remember at the time that I was a team leader at RAF Henlow, spending most of my time travelling the UK (and sometimes the world), fitting new electronic installations at Royal Air Force stations, so my time recording for Fairfield was very ‘bitty’ sometimes knocking out 5 or 6 shows at a time to cover the periods when I would be away. But great days and good fun. Well in the May of ’82 I was posted to Cyprus for three years working on Satellite equipment. In that time I managed to get my nose in with the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS – nowadays, and by the time my tour ended in ’85 I had a weekly late night show (10 to midnight and a Saturday 3 hour strip show). It was then back to the UK where I spent the next 7 years in Hampshire and did not really enjoy it, no local hospitals or ‘owt’ else to be precise. I was lucky to still be in contact with BFBS where their HQ was in Paddington – a mere 50 min train journey away. After a couple of years they were using me as a freelance late night presenter when they had a shortfall. In those days by the way they were still recording shows 10 days in advance so that they could be played out at all of the BFBS radio stations around the world at the same time. Things continued a pace for the next few years until October ’91 when again I was posted back to Cyprus. As well as doing my normal job, I was offered the weekend breakfast shows before I had even left the UK. Was life good or what? So for a couple of years it was hectic, normal working Monday to Friday and two 4 hour breakfast shows at the weekend. Then it was time for a move, (on air), so I took over the weekend lunch shows where they lasted for a long time, Sunday for over 6 years and the Saturday show for over 8 years by the time I had finished. In the meantime I had left the RAF after 28 years and obviously stayed here. However I was also freelancing on all of the other BFBS daytime shows when the need arose. Happy as a pig in s... springs to mind. But things don’t last forever so I left them in 2001 and moved to a new Limassol English station which had just opened, 91.4 Coast FM (, interestingly enough the guy who opened the station is the former Radio 1, Capital, and Radio 2 jock Dave Symonds. So another 4 years on air was just the ticket. Since then I have sort of gone into semi retirement but am still involved locally with the radio stations and local entertainment and still enjoying it. So that’s about it hope you have found it interesting and I have not bored the pants off you all. Please pass on my regards to all who remember me and if anyone wants to get in touch please do via my e-mail. You will also find me on Facebook under ‘Xhristakis Cording’ if anyone is on there. Regards for now,
Pete Rees (1985 - 1991): "I was down visiting my parents the other day and my mum told me Fairfield were having a reunion and it might include the radio so I had a little search online and low and behold I found your website! What a great site and what great memories - I wish I still looked as young as I did then. I don't think I'll ever forget the radiothons and playing Sweet's Blockbuster at 5 in the morning and then realising it sounded exactly the same as that damn fire alarm that went off all the time. Or the time when the hospital got in the best firework display team in the country and we had the fireworks going off to the souds of Dallas and other tv themes because it was the only instrumental music Phil Ross had brought with him! Somewhere in the junk that we call our spare room I've got a load of photos - if I can find them and upload them I can send them on to you if you want. If I can find them I've got some from the new studio opening night from either late 86 or early 87. As for me, I'm now miles away from Bedfordshire, having lived in Burton on Trent for the past 12 years or so. I was still doing hospital radio up here but took a break a couple of years or so ago and, apart from the odd outside broadcast, haven't done any since. My parents still live in Shefford though so I do still come down occasionally - it was weird to drive past Fairfield before Christmas and see how it has changed. "