November 2007: Great to hear from Geoff Cook - now resident in The USA, and one of the few who actually made it onto the air properly! Hopefully he will be providing more content soon.

December 2007: An article in the Comet newspaper has led to emails from Mike Swan, Anne Woolhead, Alan Osborn, Martin Kennedy (Now living in warmer climes), Ian Barker, and former co-controller Paul Marment, amongst others. Paul has sent some wonderful newspaper cuttings, and we hope to get some audio and pictures from Martin soon. I was also delighted to hear from Ian & Victor Sutcliffe, sons of Cliff Sutcliffe. Victor lives in New Zealand, so it just shows the power of local newspapers when combined with the internet! Check out the "Back in Touch" page to see who's been in contact. Geoff has sent through some audio files from the 1988 Radiothon - I've compiled them into one file and uploaded it to the Audio Archive page.

January 2008 - Topping the chart for "Best Broadcaster", ex-Fairfield presenter David Croft has been in touch. David is now a part of BBC Radio Five Live's commentary team!

May 2008 - Heard from Stuart Rose, who was on the stafflist for a short time in the nineties. Stuart sent me a copy of a programme schedule from that time. You'll find it in the pictures section. I've also found the original tape of the entire theme song - produced by AlfaSound TapeTrix. Now I've just got to find my old reel-to-reel tape recorder!

December 2008 - Gary Lee and Neil Whiteside are reunited once more on BigglesFM, a community radio station broadcasting to Biggleswade, Sandy, Potton and the surrounding area. You can find out more here. The show prompted regular input from Geoff Cook and Paul Northover, as well as Phil Ross and Paul Barham. Paul emailed in some pictures from the WH Smith Day that Radio Fairfield did, which are now in the "Outside Broadcasts" section.

January 2009 - Hurrah! I've finally got the full, original, Radio Fairfield theme uploaded as an MP3! It's in the Jingle Centre.

January 2010 - Great to hear from Chris Cording, another presenter from the eighties who made it to the big time. Check out Chris's letter in the "Back in Touch" section. The other big news is that there is to be a Fairfield Hospital Celebration Day at Stotfold Memorial Hall on Sunday, June 20th 2010. I've cobbled together enough kit to get the station back on air. Hopefully one or two of the old crew will be able to make it on the day, and we'll get them to have another go at presenting. There will be interviews and clips of old shows throughout the day, and I plan to record the whole lot and make it available for download.

February 2010 - I've finally had an email from Pete Rees, a regular presenter from the mid eighties til the end. Check out the "Back in Touch" section!

June 3rd 2010 - It is with great sadness that I learned today of the death of Chris Cording, who passed away at his home on Cyprus on 2nd June 2010. He had been in touch in January, and I was hoping that we might have been able to badger him into recording a show for the archive, but sadly it is not to be. Another great voice disappears from the airwaves. Our thoughts are with Chris's wife Carole; his son, Paul; the rest of his family and his many friends around the world.

December 2011 - Another dose of sad news, I'm afraid. I learned today of the death of Alan Osborn. Alan died of a heart attack on 5th December 2011, aged 66. Despite being blind he always amazed us with his musical abilities, and his ability to cope in the modern world. He will be sadly missed.